Nikah Services

To help you prepare for your marriage ceremony (Nikah) at Nabawi Mosque, please refer to the steps below. We ask that you thoroughly review all the information provided. For any additional questions, please do not hesitate to email

Step 1. Obtain a Marriage Licence

A marriage licence is required to get married in Ontario. Please visit the City of Toronto, Marriage Services websites for general information about marriage licence, how to apply for one, identification requirements, etc. The City recommends that you must submit your marriage licence application and book an appointment with the City to obtain your licence, 90 days before your planned date of Nikah.

please note that the Imam will not perform any Nikah without a valid marriage license

Step 2. Book your Nikah Ceremony and Information Session

Email at to book your Nikah ceremony and an online information session.

During the one (1) hour online information session, Imam Said Ali Hofioni will briefly explain the purpose and objectives of marriage—as well as the roles, responsibilities and obligations of the bride and the groom—in accordance with the Islamic tradition. Moreover, to better prepare you for the day of your Nikah, he will also explain how the ceremony will be conducted.

Step 3. Day of Nikah

Imam Said Ali Hofioni is an authorized religious officiant under the Ontario Marriage Act to properly and legally perform marriages.

All Nikah ceremonies will only take place at the mosque. In addition to the bride and the groom that must physically be present, two witnesses must also be present (see Note 1).

On the day of your Nikah ceremony, Imam Said Ali Hofioni will perform the Nikah (see Note 2), complete the marriage licence, have you and your witnesses sign the marriage licence and send the completed marriage licence to the provincial office to be registered.

Step 4. Obtain a Marriage Certificate

The marriage certificate contains details of your marriage performed in Ontario and proves that a marriage has taken place. You may need a marriage certificate for a number of reasons, including changing your name.

After 10-12 weeks from the date of your marriage, you can order a marriage certificate through Service Ontario.

Note 1. For the Nikah ceremony to be performed, two witnesses must be present who can attest to the fact that both the bride and the groom have shown their agreement and pleasure for the Nikah ceremony from their own free will. Each witness must bring 2 pieces of government-issued identification. One piece of identification must include their photo.

Note 2. All Nikah ceremonies at Nabawi Mosque will be officiated in accordance with the Islamic rites and ceremonies as well as all other applicable provincial laws.