Posted by: admin October 27th, 2016

Due to numerous sightings of the moon around the world, we are pleased to announce that tomorrow is the first day of Shawwal, hence it will be Eid al-Fitr. We wish everyone joyous and happy Eid. Prayer timings are as follows.

Timings for Eid Prayers; (Friday, June 15th, 2018)

First prayer: Lecture starts at 7:00 am, prayer starts at 8:00 am sharp. (Lead by Imam Ali Hofioni)

Second prayer: Lecture starts at 8:40 am, prayer starts at 10:00 am sharp. (Lead by Dr. Sayed Jan Bayan)

Third prayer: Lecture starts at 10:30 am, prayer starts at 11:30 am sharp. (Lead by Mawlana Abdul Kareem Arshad)